Digital-Menu Card

We provide tablet based order and display solutions for restaurant environments. Handheld digital menus are an excellent way to give customers more control over their restaurant decision-making process. Digital menus come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, including digital menus controlled using tablet hardware. As tablet PCs become more popular, so will be digital menus utilizing these handheld devices. Because the system is cross platform, it will work on nearly any hardware. Customers can browse through pictures, price and nutritional information for each dish on the menu and anything else the restaurant wants to offer, like Specials/Recommendations or allergy information. Customers can also place their own orders on the handheld devices

Benefits of Digital Menu Card
  • Elegant and easy to use
  • Selection of cuisines/ cocktails with multimedia
  • Menu personalization
  • Display of Ingredients and details of food items
  • Remote kitchen order display system
  • Bill payment
  • Call waiter on demand
  • Reduced paperwork environment
  • Adding new promotions
  • Kitchen Management Information Systems
  • Easy and Fast Bill Generation status
  • Reduction of employees .