An ultimate mobile phone based application that enables a mass communication of ideas, news, advertisements, and messages of all kind to the interested parties, through internet free of cost.
At contraa, it is only a one way communication that is only tycoon can send messages
Unlike other social media's and messenger services, at contraa, a tycoon that is a person who creates a profile does not need to save or enter the contact details of his Followers, on his device or profile. any one who is interested to receive the messages can become a Follower by subscribing to tycoons profile. (helpful for government, police, local authorities and institutions to communicate to large number of citizens).
Contraa enables precise and accurate communication of news advertisements and messages to accurate people, that is only to those who are interested
At contraa we aim a well informed citizen for government, a well developed business with well informed customers for businessmen, a well informed employees and Followers for an organization and institutions.
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